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    • Soap bubbles for large-scale PIV in industrial wind tunnels 

      Engler Faleiros, D.; Tuinstra, Marthijn; van Rooijen, Bart D.; Scarano, F.; Sciacchitano, A. (Universität der Bundeswehr München, 2019)
      This work evaluates the use of helium-filled soap bubbles (HFSB) for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements at high Reynolds numbers (up to 3.2 million) in aeronautics. The measurements are performed in the Low Speed ...
    • Stopping performance flight test on a flooded runway 

      Tump, R.S.; Mulder, T.J. (Society of Experimental Test Pilots, 2017-07)
      One of the identified solutions for runway excursions is the research into the “Impact of fluid contaminants of varying depth on aircraft stopping performance”. For this, NLR has carried out water-pond flight testing with ...
    • Wind tunnel flutter testing on a highly flexible wing for aeroelastic validation in the transonic regime within the HMAE1 project 

      Govers, Yves; Mai, Holger; Arnold, Juergen; Dillinger, Johannes K.S.; Pereira, Allan K.A.; Breviglieri Jr., Carlos; Takara, Edgard K.; Correa, Manoela S.; Mello, Olympio A.F.; Marques, Rodrigo F.A.; Geurts, E.G.M.; Creemers, R.J.C.; Timmermans, H.S.; Habing, R.; Kapteijn, K. (2019-06)
      The aircraft manufacturer Embraer, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and German–Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) have tested an innovative highly flexible wing within an aeroelastic wind ...